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Your Eyes Needs Exercise Too!

The study, published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, found that exercises, especially strength training, were affecting the mood of people over 62 years of age. “Power training prevents the loss of muscle mass and bone density, conditions that can interfere with the independence and quality of life of an older person,” he says. “Peaceful tasks that once were difficult, such as grocery shopping, are no longer a problem.” And when an older person can resume their abandoned physical activities, such as playing with granddaughters or gardening, it is unlikely how fast his depression rises.

Exercise for the eyes
Rub your hands to warm them. (You can shake them or keep them in front of the vent if you prefer) Then close your eyes. Cover your eyes with your warm hands. Make sure that your hands do not touch your eyelids and that you do not leave the cheeks on your hands. If you want to put the weight of your head on your hands, put the weight on your forehead. Then look at the darkness. If you see spots or lightning, wait until you see the darkness. Do not hurry. Do this at least twice daily for 5 to 15 minutes.

Exercises also help lower blood pressure. The lungs will also benefit from the exercises as they become better prepared, so activities such as climbing stairs will not make you breathless. The muscles that are not used become small and inelastic, but aerobic exercise will help tone your body by increasing muscle size, strength and flexibility when burning calories. Exercise can also help relieve stress and make you more productive, so choose something you like and stick to.

Exercise with hands
1. Bend your hands so that the elbow has an angle of 90 degrees
2. Turn your arms forward and back so that the elbow is tall at the back
3. Try not to stretch your arms up or across the body in the front (hands should not be over the shoulders or should cross the middle of your body).
4. Keep your elbow at 90 degrees during the cradles

It seems that almost every once in a while will use family life as an excuse that there will be no time to exercise, even missing the benefit of an exercise.

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